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Chief Ignacio a chief of the Weeminuche band of the Ute tribe also called the Southern Utes, located in present-day Colorado. He led the band through many difficult years in the late nineteenth century, when they were being encroached on by European-American settlers. In January 1880, Chief Ignacio was part of the Ute delegation that traveled to Washington, DC to testify before the US Congress about the 1879 Meeker Massacre and the Ute uprising among the northern Utes on the White River

Frank S. Balster, Chief Ignacio of the Ute tribe of Native Americans, with horse, ca. Source: Library of Congress

Chief Washakie of the Eastern Shoshone tribe

Shoshone Chief Washakie Would have talked to him.to know his history. Very distinguished, proud.

Weasel Tail - Blackfeet (Pikuni) - 1900

The accoutrement of this brave (Apohsuyis) comprises the well-known war-bonnet of eagle-feathers and weasel-skins, deerskin shirt, bone necklace, grizzly-bear claw necklace, and tomahawk-pipe of Hudson's Bay Company origin.

Lakota/Sioux - Brave taken in 1911.

Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis. Spokane Indian woman, ca. 1897 Noatak Inuit hopi girl Lakota Sioux Indian Man by Edward Curtis,

Unknown Crow Man. Native American

I love Aboriginal history , American and Canadian . To understand 2 different cultures helps understand today's problems.