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America according to Democrats is the scariest thing. And they say beware of Republicans?


My Sister and her Family live in Valdosta GA, she worked on Moody AFB for several years. If you notice people it's starting to effect all of us.

Day 4 Quote: "There is nothing to fear but a politician who says “I promise….”.

Day 4 Quote: "There is nothing to fear but a politician who says “I promise….

***Off a hate board, oh really? The Spanish Inquisition is the sole event, Native Americans never suffered genocide by the hands of Christians up to 100 million, Crusades - 10,000 here, 60,000 there, 1st Crusade boasts one million victims. Battle of Askalon 200,000 slaughtered in the name of Jesus, Era of witch hunting claimed several hundred thousand, etc. Demonizing Islam, doesn't make Christianity on moral high ground. http://www.truthbeknown.com/victims.htm

More people are killed every year in the name of Islam than were killed in the entire 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition. Why do Muslim supporters not get this?

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WOW, what a Truth Stretcher!

90 Miles From Tyranny : She Did Not Have Security Relations With That Embassy.

This is my favorite favorite oilfield one.. I seriously hate the "we're spoiled spending all his cash" .. I have a full time job  still live my life in hitches!!!!!!!!  yes WE'RE spoiled because WE work our asses off for it!!!!

The term "Spoiled Oilfield Wife/GF" -- it's quite offensive to me actually. My love muffin works HARD to provide for our family & in turn allows me to stay home and raise our baby boy!

Some red lines matter more than others. Never Forget Benghazi.

One year later, nothing's been done to avenge the deaths of four Americans in Yet we're rushing to war in which has done nothing to the United States or its citizens.

There Is No Coexisting With Those Who Want To Destroy America From Within.