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Baby Boomer Wellness | Heart Attack | 6 Warning signs

A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Gives You These 6 Warning Signs - Health Care Group

Weve all experienced it that sensation of fullness and swelling in the abdomen. This feeling is not only physically uncomfortable but also may affect our mood and self-esteem. So why does it happen and how can we stop it? Now for the good news: The occasional puff up can be reduced through some wise food choices and lifestyle changes. To ward off the inflation try these bloat-blocking foods to feel like yourself again. Some healthy foods to help with feeling bloated! Give these a try next…

Ashy Bines - Beat belly bloat: Who here suffers from Belly Bloat? Its uncomfortable and sometimes a little embarrassing too. Have you tried any of the remedies in the pic? What works for you?

Corporate wellness is about finding fun initiatives that will whip your office up into shape, leaving you fit for business.    We're working on a way to gamify the office experience ( corporate wellness being one of our 5 initiatives) to create a better company culture for offices of all sizes

Sitting too long can have negative health effects. Get up an move around! Being active is good for the body.

Nutrition and Dementia: Foods That May Induce Memory Loss  Increase Alzheimer's

Nutrition and Dementia: Foods That May Induce Memory Loss Increase Alzheimer's. Foods to avoid at all costs!


The difference between drinking cold vs warm water. For optimal health, aim to drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water daily, and more if you exercise.