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Signs You Are Hermione Granger - can’t stop yourself from correcting people when they’re doing something wrong!

23 Signs You Are Hermione Granger

BLOODY HELL, you don't need to drive a flying car to be the Ron of your friend group. It just takes some bravery, loyalty, and a lot of.

Fall is the fascinating season and we have for you wonderful DIY Wreaths ideas. You should do something in this magical time

20 Amazing DIY Wreaths to Craft This Fall

Fall & Thanksgiving decor - - cute, whimsical Scarecrow Wreath for Fall! Hand painted face and Handmade hat. Frayed Burlap Mesh and Ivory Burlap Mesh. Oodles of Ribbon!

The Lightning Research Lab at the University of Florida A lucky few engineering students at the University of Florida get to do something vaguely magical: conjure their own lightning.

Real(Mislabeled) - Pinned as "Awesome photo of a Lightning Rod in action". - This is a lightning strike on a wire attached to the tower and trailing a rocket. Launched into a storm for testing.

More modern magic / magic incorporated into mundane

More modern magic / magic incorporated into mundane

outside Myrtle's wagon - a prayer branch with talismans and bright scraps of dyed wool...

envision doing something like this as a prayer/offering "tree". Setting up a 'hanging branch' in a sacred space, & making prayer/offering ties, braids, etc. to attach as desired/needed.

Pour yourself into your work...

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Do something different when decorating your home. Try turning your favourite photos into Magnets, Square Prints, or even a Poster. Filling your home with magical moments is easy with the Sticky9 App. Go on, try it and be creative. Who knows where your photos will end up. You'll also be able to enjoy 20% off + Free shipping on your first order.

Absolutely love these- just placed my first order 😍


Beautiful artwork - deer in winter forest

All of this in our world, where normal people dont believe in magic. All of this in plain sight but being ignored by most people.

Something about a baker medium trying to launch a bakery People who pretend to be mediums and tell people to do things to screw with them

Writing prompts from Tumblr

Give them a phrase and have them create a dialogue prompt based off that phrase/topic

#tuesdaytruth coming your way. Let's be honest: Letting go of people or things is not easy. Saying No is not easy. Standing your ground and staying in your Truth is. not. easy. That's probably why many of us spend our whole lives sacrificing our own happiness for the sake of wanting to avoid rocking the boat. I've been there how about you? I can list so many times I didn't do something or on the flip side waiting for to long TO do things... because I was scared to shake up my life or…

I guess I let go of several things in my life which made me become a happier person in general.

Super easy diy fairy garden ideas 30

38 Super Easy DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

Super easy diy fairy garden ideas 30

Get inspired with the many ways to decorate your yard with fantastic topiary garden ideas, each with their charm. For more, visit http://glamshelf.com

20 Topiary Garden Ideas to Decorate in Style

fairy topiary magic - I'd love to do something like this!

Inspiration for the fire elemental sorcerer.

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