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Making it up as I go: The Day Before One

The day before Rachel turned one, I took the girls (Hugo was having a day with his dad) to the park.

Making it up as I go: Attempting to Stay Current and Attentive

I know I've been pretty terrible at posting lately and I keep using the excuse that I'm writing or I've got kids to look after or whatever.

Making it up as I go: Getting My Act Together

I'm busy and lazy you know?

Making it up as I go

Making it up as I go: Disbelief

Making it up as I go: Bunnings Beginnings

Thanks to the rainy weather we've been having, I had cause to rack my brain thinking of fun indoor places to take the kids to for entertainm.

Making it up as I go: Milestone

It's Sophie's first ever Bento Box! She won't remember it and wasn't physically capable of using the cute frog pick, spoon or chopsticks, bu.

Making it up as I go: Mega Bento

This is a quick one on the Bento the girls had last Friday when I took them to "Mum's Old Work" for a Japanese festival. I was overly prepar.

Making it up as I go: A Week of Bento

Well what was happening at our house for the last two weeks meant that Sophie spent a lot of time not at our house. And I mean a lot.