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Альтернативный дизайн кораблей. Звездные Войны. Концепт-арт.

Check out Star Wars concept art by Warren Fu ! Every Friday I try and feature artwork from a classic of science fiction cinema or tel.

Dieselpunk car

Dieselpunk - Short version: Dieselpunk is allowed to have internal combustion engines, while Steampunk has steam engines. Post Apocalyptic stuff is often Dieselpunk.

vaisseau-spatial (2)

Anyone notice the jet intake on the front of the hull, and the prop pusher engines on the back?

JAAF Skyly J2V2 photo 4 by Brandzai on DeviantArt

After a lot of lessons were learned during the first 6 years of the war, designers of the スカイリィ (Skyly) factory took a bold decision: instead of refining or .

vanship "Last Exile"

Vanship design for Last Exile. Maybe more Dieselpunk than Steampunk, but steamers should definitely give this series a go anyway. If you like aerial dogfights, thoroughly-designed engineering (there.