Christmas inspired lolita photoset, by =UselessDevice

Cute Loli Dress

She looks like a porcelain teacup. and she is so much more than lovely.

Shiro Deer  1st I love the antlers, need some so bad.  2nd a nicely done shiro loli coord is always appreciated

I know Lolita fashion isn't a cosplay, but to be totally honest, I do find the antlers pretty costume-y and probably wouldn't wear them except on Yule.

Headpiece with little antlers

Headpiece with little antlers

tumblr_ma1ps7X3eS1rw9jcfo1_500.jpg (500×702)

I enjoyed today with my dear dear friend Bolette Mero came over too and we had a great time! I’m so happy I have such great friend~

lolita dresses - i want it.

White Moon Strawberry Chocolate Sweet Heart JSK (Ltd Ed) i just love these dress so cute

Star wars cosplay

Incredible Handmade Star Wars Corsets from etsy seller Damsel in this Dress. I shall get a friend to dress up like this for Halloween with me!

~Elegant Gothic Lolita

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Эшли Бенсон — Фотосессия для «Company» 2014 – 2

Эшли Бенсон — Фотосессия для «Company» 2014 – 2