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Tomatillo (Mexican tomato)

I have these plants for Mike and Yuting's garden: Seed pod from Chinese lanterns. As the beautiful orange lantern decays it leaves a weblike cocoon which finally releases the seed at the right time. Evidence of design.

Жизнь в цвете (Фото Подборки) | VK

Жизнь в цвете (Фото Подборки) | VK

My favorite flower of all times! KH

Hepatica Nobilis: some botanists include Hepatica within a wider interpretation of Anemone.

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We may be driven to the edge but never over it. Please don't jump. I'll help you build a bridge. We can slide across it together. #ride "never broken beyond repair." ~ F.N.

sittinonmyfrontporch: {kristybee} (tinywhitedaisies)

Apricot Anemones, so fricken pretty, would be gorgeous in tattoo form as part of a bigger floral piece

Apricot Anemones flower form inspiration for design; soft pastels & black colour contrasts - beauty in nature

Inspiration: While on a nature walk, collect a seed or seed pod to bring in for show and tell. Explain where you found it/collected it from (photos welcome) and what it will develop/grow into. * Milkweed seen here.

Milkweed pod by Lucie Veilleux [I spent a lot of time chasing milkweed seeds when I was Flowers