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Does it go on the Les Miserables Board? Or the Big four Board? Or the Marvel Board? Or LOTR's Board? Where do I pin it!

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Teachers dealing with fandoms in school; mine are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. But lol the Mortal Instruments fandom is probably me :)

Honestly if you don't think this is art there is something wrong with you

I actually have the Doctor Who picture on a shirt that I got from Hot Topic so yes, fan art is ART

The four fandoms and what they have in common

"Shut up." "I didn't say anything." // Hang on, wait. Doesn't the Doctor have a scene like this? I could swear he did. Missouri tells Dean to stop sassing her and he totally says "I didn't say anything"!

Has anyone obsessed over these series so much that their friends don't let them talk about it anymore...because I have

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