FolkCostume&Embroidery: The costume of west Polissia and Zavolikannia embroidery, Ukraine and Bielorus

Hello all, Today I will be talking about the costume of western, or Volynian Polissia, which includes the northern parts of Volyn, Rivne.

FairIsleJacquard #001 : floor [半袖Tシャツ [6.2oz]] - デザインTシャツマーケット/Hoimi(ホイミ)

FairIsleJacquard #001 : floor [半袖Tシャツ [6.2oz]] - デザインTシャツマーケット/Hoimi(ホイミ)

Argyle Chart-- 2 stitch sides and top/bottom, contiguous         The question is how many stitches to go down to at the side and end points of the diamond and how many, if any to put between diamonds.

When Toby ran off I bent down to get him and heard screeching noises. A man wearing a green raincoat and socks with gray diamond patterns tried to grab my shoulder, so I screamed.

Banded inspiration for California fair isle design

mooie kleur combinatie voor mochila tas Banded inspiration for California fair isle design