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Please, Don't Forget… Animals Love Their Moms, Too!  You know that billions of animals worldwide are stolen from their moms just to end up in zoos, circuses, and laboratories (or as food or a fur coat)—but did you know just how much animals love their moms? This Women's Day, please take a moment to recognize the unique bond between mothers and children of all species....

Hold still for your bath

Siberian Tiger Photo by Patrick Bakkum on Flickr

Love the face markings. Siberian Tigers mostly inhabit the Sikhote Alin mountain range, with a small population inhabiting far east Russia. The Siberian Tiger is endangered, despite intensive conservation efforts. [Photo by Patrick Bakkum.

portrait of a tiger

Portrait of a tiger. All five remaining subspecies of tigers are endangered.


The number of tigers in zoos and breeding habitats greatly outnumbers the free…

TheGod's beautiful art work

He's top cat. He is more dominate and thinks every dominate male is a threat to him. His sister is Dignity. He is a kind and loyal male who wants a mate one day. He is fast, strong and wise and has no cubs.


Tigers, like most big cats, cannot purr. Here, I will share my love of this most magnificent of all cat species.

All Tigers!

These two Amur Tiger cubs are just a month old,their mother Sveta has moved them from t.


The Best-Known Countries For African Safaris Are: Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia & South Africa.

One More Kiss Painting by Sandi Baker

One More Kiss Painting by Sandi Baker

Beautiful Lions Pair 1400x1050 Wallpapers

Look at the unique animals by reading the African lion facts. African lion is a wild animal living in Africa. This animal is very protective about his pride as the king of the jungle.

Just so beautiful

Just so beautiful


The critically endangered Sumatran Tiger is one of the rarest subspecies of tiger who lives only in Sumatra’s forests. There are less than 500 Sumatran Tigers remaining in the wild. Save the tiger, please.

Blue Tiger, Snow white tiger, golden tiger, so cool

To get this over with!

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

Slight obsession with tigers. Can you tell? Haha

Photograph zoo by patrick strock on