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A kilted Scottish regiment is shown here during Kilts were worn in battle and typically had a kilt apron around it as well to hold weapons, gas masks, etc.

Laughing so hard rn. Just imaging like a really high pitched kind of Mexican voice just going "Adios!" With like a little wave

Funny pictures about Loss of loved one card. Oh, and cool pics about Loss of loved one card. Also, Loss of loved one card.

Uphill both ways

Take your trip with Glamulet charmsArt hist-erical-ory. Grandparents going to school

Be careful who you upset. You never know who has the worst photos of you!

Kangaroos confuse me. Specifically this one. Look at his arms. He's like the hulk. A small, brown, fuzzy hulk that I would like to pet, but would also smash your face in... In a matter of seconds. In a way, he is also like a tree. He can't bend his arms.... Ladies and gentlemen, it's a tree hulk. Such muscle. Very fence. Much tree. Many hulk. Wow.

Funny pictures about Buff Kangaroo strikes a pose. Oh, and cool pics about Buff Kangaroo strikes a pose. Also, Buff Kangaroo strikes a pose.

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Archaeologists have discovered evidence that suggest that Australia has been populated by Aboriginal people for at least It was previously thought that they came there 18000 years later.