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Staircase of the abandoned British Residency in Hyderabad, India. Such a beautiful stairway.

Staircase of the abandoned British Residency in Hyderabad, India. Such a beautiful stairway.


You can't really tell if this beauty actually is a greenhouse or maybe a gigantic indoor garden. But either way it is stunning and a huge inspiration on how to design one's one greenhouse with a little more charm than just the usual pots and benches.

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Abandoned Library taken over by nature. both sad and beautiful at the same time. This is a diorama, not a real library.

Steampunk Tendencies ~ Abandoned Greenhouse

A greenhouse could be of pvc and plastic sheeting. This was a proper conservatory. I will never afford myself.

Woah. Fixed up would be gorgeous.

The design of this window is really beautiful. "Art Deco Moon Window on the Russian Riviera in the abandoned Seagull hotel"

There's something about an abandoned greenhouse that's equal parts creepy and beautiful.

The Palace of Prince Smetsky built in 1913 - Abkhazia, Georgia (Russia - not USA). (former Soviet area)

so pretty

The light shoots through the window like a spotlight. I think it ironic how natural light is lighting up a chandelier (a source of artificial light). You can see the light sliver which creates interesting texture.

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Abandoned & beautiful fairy tale house in Gagra, Abkhasia, Georgia. This type of architecture is fairly common in Russia & the surrounding area. A little hobbit house(:

The amazing abandoned tunnels under NYC, once used for maintenance and repairs.

Meanwhile, under Manhattan: As work slowly but surely but mostly slowly progresses on the Second Avenue Subway, and East Side Access, construction crews have dug some really wonderful looking caverns.

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Abandoned in Mumbai, care for a dip anyone? never in my life,something would drag me under. <<<Id jump, if i could swim


Abandoned Tower Bridge in London (The place where Jane wasted away after abandonment from Rosalyn for 80 years)