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VIDEO : President Trump Signs Order Repealing Obama's Stifling Regulations on Coal

Are All But One US Presidents Related?   >   Barak Obama is in with the group   >   We are all related somehow...

President Obama, pulling us out of the economic republican disaster of seconded only by the previous worst economic republican disaster of Anybody noticing a trend. Look it teabaggers because you will not hear it mentioned on Fox.

the US constitution...4,543 of the best, most powerful words ever put down on paper!

What's 223 Years Old, 4543 Words Long, And Routinely Ignored By Both Parties?

Presidents Day - 44 Reasons America Is Free.

It is still officially called Washington,s Birthday, but has transitioned into a holiday celebrating all American presidents.

Ronald Reagan no. 40 great President & patriot                                                                                                                                                      More

Five Interesting Facts About Ronald Reagan That You Probably Didn't Know

Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 1911 – June was an American actor and politician. He was the President of the United States and served as the Governor of California prior to his presidency.

obviously if repubs are in control

obviously if repubs are in control

Studying the Constitution?  Need an assessment on Federalism and delegated powers?  Would you like a sorting activity on these powers? Come on by and get...             Click on the picture above to go to          to get download your copy!    Happy Sorting!

Who's Got the Power?

Studying the Constitution? Need an assessment on Federalism and delegated powers? Would you like a sorting activity on these powers?



Happy 4th of July (Independence Day) to all U.S. Friends! May it be celebration and fun for all ! #4thofJuly

A fun infographics about the of July, Explore the history behind July flag, celebrations, facts and trivia. Posting for those that need a refresher.