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A neglected eighty-eight butterfly (Diaethria neglecta) in Brazil’s Pantanal displays the design of lines and dots that gave it its unusual common name.

30 Beautiful Butterfly Pictures

Neglected 88 Butterfly (Diaethria nedglecta) in Brazil's Pantanal is named for its wing pattern. Photo by Joel Sartore, National Geographic.


Red Admiral butterfly is found in hammocks, marshes, swamps, and along canals throughout Florida.

A little bowl containing orange slices attracts butterflies in droves, who knew?

Bowl of Butterflies by heartcaptured: Taken at The Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens, PA. This little bowl of orange slices attracted butterflies in droves

Luna Moth. so gorgeous!

Mariposa da Lua (Actias luna): A mariposa mais linda do mundo!/ Luna moth: the most beautiful moth in the world!

found over much of the Palaearctic in temperate Asia and Europe.prefer flowery or grassy places and open or wooded areas.wingspan of 1 to inches.Britain's (and probably Europe's) most common and most widespread blue


NaturePlus: What's new at the Museum: Dual-sex butterfly and Sir David Attenborough at our Sensational Butterflies exhibition

I believe Nicole sent me my luna moth. It was so beautiful. She stayed a whole day and night. It is so rare to see one. I believe she sent it to let me know shes ok. Thank you Sweetheart.

GAFunkyFarmhouse: Weekend Wonders: Beautiful Butterflies and Moths of Georgia; I love Luna moths and really hope to one day see one up close!


Funny pictures about Party mantis. Oh, and cool pics about Party mantis. Also, Party mantis.