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Dogs with Cushing's disease often have an insatiable appetite.

What Is Cushings Disease in Dogs

Dental disease

An In-Depth Look at Dental Disease in Dogs & Cats - If you love your animal make sure dental care is a huge part of the love!

Letter Pinned to a Board at Whole Foods Market <3 #MyVeganJournal

Posted on the bulletin board at Whole Foods. I like that it's from animals' perspective


"Photos of dogs taken after leaving the shelter and getting in the car… - Adopt, don't shop!" Pet shops and breeders are not animal friendly. Help control the pet population and spay/neater/chip. Stop supporting puppy mills and adopt a sweetie!

Watch this NOW I don't care if your busy, watch it. This is the story of a dog who was chained for TEN YEARS. Her recovery new owners and all. NOW WAYCH IT. It made mercy

Ten Years Chained: A Dog's Happy Ending Rescue Story. This poor dog! At least it had a happy ending! If your adopting a dog, please get a rescue!

I agree, there are so many homeless and forgotten dogs out there who could bring joy to a family!

Brings tears to mine eye-this such never, ever happen. Please spay or neuter. And please support and adopt from your local shelters. We can make a difference to these poor, poor animals.


I Have ZERO Tolerance for Animal Abusers Please re Pin this and pass it on.They need our help.