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Leopard Image

Leopard Image

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Look no further that our A/W Denim Deliveries report… WGSN store shot, Good Genes, Amsterdam.

(Open rp, be the girl) it had been years since I was human, I know that sounds ridiculous, let me explain, I had gotten on a witches bad side so she turned me into a snow leopard then left me in the mountains, i just want to be human again...... Anyways back to the present, I was laying on a large Boulder to watch the clouds silently when I look down and see a few hikers, three men and two women, I watch then silently, my tail swishing softly

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Image 1 of ASOS RADIO STAR Pointed Velvet Ankle Boots

RADIO STAR Pointed Velvet Ankle Boots

So they started with leopard. Then blue suede and now red velvet! Are these not the most perfect boots of life? I'm thinking an all black look to let the boots do the talking.

Sleeping, head on head ~ Snow Leopards

"Double Leopard" [Double the Snow Leopard, double the cute. The pair were found a couple of times sleeping in a hammock. Rio Grande Zoo - Albuquerque, New Mexico]~[Photograph by ~DeeOtter (Deidre Lantz) - January 12 2012 on

Leopard In Reflection

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