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Yep, me too.

My life right now is like that Rihanna song. work work work work work then I don't understand the rest

today i learned something new about medusa

Funny pictures about Today I learned something new about Medusa. Oh, and cool pics about Today I learned something new about Medusa. Also, Today I learned something new about Medusa.

Life Quotes

we worked too damn hard just to give up now. If you don't swim you'll drown, but don't move, HONEY!

If Someone Ever Complains About Welfare Recipients, Show Them This. As a former food stamp eligibility worker, I fucking approve this message.

If Someone Ever Complains About Welfare Collectors, Show Them This.

This is something that many people do without realizing. Judging people with "Food stamps" saying they abuse the system.you seriously don't know their life. Yes some people do abuse it.

Obviously she is what most believe is a hero! The noble peace prize has become totally insignificant!

A true hero

"Faith In Humanity Restored"- um how can Al Gore beating this woman out of the Nobel Peace Prize restore faith in humanity! My faith will be restored when people like this woman beat fame whores like Al Gore out of the Nobel Prize! Wake-up world!

Because feminism is equality among the sexes and in all honesty, the world could use a bit more equality

Whoever made this comic is amazing. One of my biggest complaints about sexism is that people think its okay for a girl to dress boyish and just call her a tomboy but if a boy dresses like a girl theres something wrong with him.<<well said

Black. Maybe that's why it's my favorite "color."

"Black is modest an arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don't bother you - dont bother me." - Yohji Yamamoto I love this quotations