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Humor ecard: Im not insane.  Im crazy with a side of awesome

Humor ecard: I'm not insane. I'm crazy with a side of awesome

Soundtrack to my life.

MB: Sometimes I sit quietly and wonder why I am not in a mental asylum. Then I take a good look around at everyone and realize .

Funny Family Ecard: Company is like fish, it starts to smell after three days.

Wednesdays are the middle finger of the week. {I definitely feel that way about this Wednesday}

ahhh I so funnnny

Funny Farewell Ecard: Just wanted to tell you that I booked you a one way flight to Gofuckyourselfville. Your departure is now.

ha! this just happened to me! a pic from 2008!!!!  omg! what were you looking for!?  lol

Funny Breakup Ecard: That awkward moment when someone 'likes' one of your old photos and you know they're digging through everything on your page.


Instead of cleaning, just watch an episode of hoarders.you'll feel better about your house!

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I get in this weird mood where I dont want to talk to anybody and just want to be left alone. I call this mood Awake.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Instead of John, I call my bathroom Jim. It sounds better when I say I went to the Jim first thing in the morning.

Sometimes you just get into that kinda mood

Funny rotten ecard - Im not in a bad mood - Funny Pictures & Funny jokes