Gold Framed Table Number    Photography: Renee Sprink Photography   Read More:

A Blue, White & Gold Military Wedding at Duke University Chapel

Michelle-Love how delicate and pretty this is. Not sure where to use it though. Maybe at the church?

Different color roses for different occasions. Perfect for low-key brunch/lunch centerpieces

Centerpiece Type 3: Two very small white flower arrangements with greenery in clear vases.

48 Amazing Lantern Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

I know I can't do this but its pretty nonetheless lol. chandeliers tablescapes

Napa Wedding at Beaulieu Garden by Lisa Lefkowitz

Take a look at the best beach wedding favors in the photos below and get ideas for your wedding!!! THANK YOU Mini Message Bottle FAVORS with or by WeddingsAway

beach wedding favors best photos

Blue Gold Wedding, Navy Blue, Backgrounds, Backdrops

Lovelies, I have good news! Today we’re continuing with the showcase of the best material we published in 2013. And what a better way to follow up our amazing feature on the Best Cakes of 2013 than with a parade of the most popular centerpieces of the year – and some of my favorites, too. Yep, it’s read more...

The Best Wedding Centerpieces of 2013

Something as simple as a kiss on the forehead can be pure magic in this gorgeous setting | Don't Say Cheese Photography #musthavephoto

12 Romantic Wedding Photos You Absolutely Must Get (You'll Thank Us Later)

Modèle gratuit à imprimer pour décorer sa voiture le jour du mariage !:

Pimp my ride !