Kraken, Aaron Miller on ArtStation at

Kraken, Aaron Miller

Kraken by Aaron Miller

Timingila (Sanskrit for whale-swallower) a huge ancient aquatic creature, by MattDeMino

I'm creating a Bestiary for my final project. It showcases a legendary creature or being from A-Z. Timingila, a huge aquatic creature that can swallow whole whales, as written about in the ancient .

deep sea monsters - Buscar con Google

Yagim (Native American) - Bloodthirsty shark monsters that can both live in salt…

Scuba diving on an alien world? I’ll pass.

I have a phobia of the deep sea

Creature Art.  Deep Sea Crawler

Creature Art. Deep Sea Crawler

Markus Neidel est un illustrateur allemand de 29 ans basé à Hambourg. Il dessine essentiellement des créatures de fantasy. Squelettes, orcs, golems et autres kraken, les monstres les plus étranges et terrifiants répondent présents dans la sélection d’images ci-dessous. Pour en voir davantage, visitez son portfolio et son ArtStation.

Les fantastiques créatures de Markus Neidel

Soul Seeker, Markus Neidel on ArtStation at…

Guardian of the Sea  by ~OrmIrian

Guardian of the Sea by OrmIrian

Fathom Feeder - MTG, an art print by Clint Cearley - INPRNT

Fathom Feeder - Mtg by Clint Cearley

Fathom Feeder - MTG, an art print by Clint Cearley

Basilisco. Seu nascimento se deve a ovo de galináceo chocado por sapo ou cobra. Sugeriam que por sua aparência ele era o próprio rei das cobras.Sugeriram a existência de várias espécies ou tipos, incluindo uma que causava uma dor tão terrível ao se olhar em seus olhos que levava o individuo a morte(exemplo: Harry Potter e a câmara secreta).Ele foi representado de varias formas, algumas vezes como um galo com cauda de serpente, outras como uma serpente alada com uma coroa, que seria sua…

I did this illustration last month for Cubebrush, a concept artist tutorial site. The entire process was recorded and turned into a video lecture . Sir Billy the Cockatrice

god_of_war_scylla_by_nichtelf-d41hg2r.jpg (533×995)

Scylla concept I did for God of War: Ghost of Sparta back in January It probably went through two more minor changes after that but pretty much ke. God of War - Scylla 2

The Crow and the Sheep - 2, Dina Norlund on ArtStation at

Imagine if humans disappeared from earth and animals were free to evolve. This is an experiment on how a crow would evolve to hunt sheep and sheep to defend themselves against the crows.

-Subnautica Creature Concept-, Pat Presley on ArtStation at

phattro: “ -Subnautica Creature Concept- Sorry for the lack of art post guys! It’s been a busy month. So here’s one of many creature sketches I did for the Indie Sci-fi Game Subnautica!

dinosaurio sigueme y tendreis sorpresas

red riding big bad wolf by yohann schepacz oxan studio Sparrow Volume


Mythic Battles : Pantheon - on Kickstarter

The Poseidon expansion contains all sorts of goodies. It’s got loads of new miniatures, 2 new map boards, several scenarios, and some new rules for naval fights. You know how the miniatures work, and.

Wanna Dive? | Venacarpia carcarius by on @deviantART

Venacarpia carcarius by rob-powell

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor octopus kraken

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor octopus kraken