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"Your 5 year old failed a standardized test. Therefore, he is stupid, insane, and doomed to a life of failure." Matt Walsh (a wonderful satire about the truths about Common Core)

12 Basic Life Skills Every Kid Should Know by High School

12 Basic Life Skills Every Kid Should Know by High School

How could you ever forget it?

Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-V & Ctrl -X

Funny pictures about Real life shortcuts. Oh, and cool pics about Real life shortcuts. Also, Real life shortcuts photos.

Sensory strategies for living with ADHD

Sensory strategies for living with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, Aspergers & autism

Recent data shows that cases of ADHD are increasing at an alarming rate, with one in nine children being diagnosed with the condition by the age of 18. “We have shown that behavioral problems in mice that resemble ADHD are caused by cell phone exposure in the womb,” said Taylor. http://news.yale.edu/2012/03/15/cell-phone-use-pregnancy-may-cause-behavioral-disorders-offspring

iTips: 4 Ways to Manage Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Children Respond without anger / Be clear and consistent / Do not take things personally / Don’t be your child’s friend—be his parent

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