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Dream bookcase


inspiration for tiny house built-ins (but this is oversized tiny home for four with 540 sq ft footprint). wondering why ladder rests on couch? built-in couches have storage below


ladder and rails for loft bedroom. Because every home needs an awesome place to read.and hide! Or an emergency spare bed. Love the library ladder.

built in sofas that double as twin beds for guests. Drawers under the sofas hold children’s toys and a wall of shelves houses books and more

This Family Of 4 Moved Into A Tiny One Bedroom House. Not For The Reason You Are Thinking.

Having bookshelves in your home keeps your space organized and creates a relaxed and extremely cozy atmosphere, which is perfect for book enthusiasts.


We share with you the home library. In the photos, beautiful examples of the library, home library design, home library ideas, which you can find.

IKEA bookcases (60 Billy and Benno) from 99% Invisible podcast on IKEA Hackers.

if I one day have a massive hallway for this (a girl can dream). Ikea billy bookcases for french country house "library." oh dear God in heaven, yes.

A big, ceiling high bookcase, with infinite amount of books, has got to be one of my very first dream home assets.(image via Elle Decor)

une grande étagère sous comble

Le placard sous pente ,trouvez une inspiration!

Görünce Hemen Evinizin Bir Odasına Kütüphane Kurmak İsteyeceğiniz 19 Efsane Ev Kütüphanesi

Görünce Hemen Evinizin Bir Odasına Kütüphane Kurmak İsteyeceğiniz 19 Efsane Ev Kütüphanesi

Een thuisbibliotheek en een plek om je terug te trekken.

This is the perfect place to put a pull out bed. I always look at those beds and think they're impractical because it's too hard to leave all of the open floor space needed for one but I'd happily do it for this library/reading space

Домашняя библиотека в современном интерьере, блог "Твой Дизайнер"

Home Office + Library. I love the openness the windows create.with a chaise lounge or comfy chair to read in this would be the ideal workspace with a library

This Old House - unique window seat with lovely built-in book shelves & drawers...a mini library

Home -Sat Mar 24

mini-library on landing, window seat bookcases. Was this from a This Old House project?

contemporary family room by Studio Bergtraun AIA

37 Home Library Design Ideas With a Jay-Dropping Visual and Cultural Effect - I love the window seat and thin built-in shelf above the window!

Not quite what I imagined for a library, but bright windows, lots of shelves, cozy furniture, and a lot of wood - it's got the same elements. Only thing missing is a fireplace.

50 Super ideas for your home library

so badly want a library in my future home.hopefully (Oh my Gosh! I live in a room like this! Wow, what a dream room! Rooms like this, inspires me to create a dream board!