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4 more years, yes we can.

A roundup of the best political cartoons about President Barack Obama, from the beginning of his presidency to the present.

4 years of Obama’s ‘Hope and Change” – Are You Better Off?

Are you any better off since President Obama took office nearly 4 years ago? Are you one of the many who are currently unemployed or out of work? Here are just a few statistics of just how well President Obama has performed throughout his presidency.

Best Barack Obama Cartoons of All Time: Lifeguard

Best Barack Obama Cartoons of All Time

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Cartoon: Obama playing a fool - & why not? He seems to have a natural talent for it

Obama's "Misery Index"

Cartoon: Obama Misery Index I gave him a unemployment rate divided by for gas and multiplied it by 50 rounds of golf (I think that's probably a low estimate for 4 years) and came up with " It's as simple Pretty pathetic index wouldn't you say!


Cartoon: Obama: new theories suggest sequestration caused the extinction of the dinosaurs