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New York City Blizzard Photos ❄️

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takin' a summer drive


home sweet home

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sky, grunge, and sunset image

Downtown Manhattan, New York

Down town Manhattan by Alik Mos

- ̗̀☁︎☀︎☁︎ ̖́- ѕĸieѕ liĸe тнeѕe reмind мe oғ wнaт iѕ тrυe: тнeѕe ѕĸieѕ were мade ғor мe and ғor yoυ - ̗̀☁︎☀︎☁︎ ̖́-

They were a flowery trellis in the sunrise, sky painted in dulled cotton candy hues and long shadows cast just prior to the glare of sun.

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when an artist dies, god lets them paint the sky

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Brooklyn, New York - pretty

interiors - architecture - food - landscape : Photo

atraversso: “NYC Sunset by Jose Tutiven Please don’t delete the link to the photographers/artists, thanks!