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World’s Top Religious Leaders Unite to Issue an Urgent Message to Humanity

The Pope Demands A ‘One World Government’ To ‘Save Humanity’ – Counter Current News

Religious pedophilia.

disgusting, then and now.this is the man people folliw and believe to be Gods prophet

Muhammad- The most screwed in the head human that Ever Existed

Child marriage is allowed in Dearborn,Michigan which is under Sharia Law.do a SEARCH & stay informed! One law for the dogs and another for us poor folk thanks OBAMARAMA!

Blessed Virgin Mary!

Virgin Mary: The reason why so many people are in such pain and darkness is because they do not believe in God January 2013 father.

Do you know about the Holy Head of St. Catherine of Sienna?

Catherine of Sienna (March who was known for her incredible religious visions is also one of the greatest Doctors of the Church.

The religious statistic usually cited in relationship to the millennial generation is the number of "nones" - increasingly, young people are less likely to identify themselves as belonging to any religion or faith.  But there's another statistic that may be surprising - the number of millennials j

TIME asks: What’s it like to be a millennial priest?

Good to know

I always wondered what the letters INRI on crucifixes stood for! Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews.