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Graphic Design Inspiration by Alex W. Dujet #archives

Alex W. Dujet is a Geneva based graphic designer that has been working as freelancer since

Emotionally Vague - A research project about the body and emotion by Orlagh O'Brien. People were asked how they felt anger, joy, sadness and love, and the results were compared and combined to reveal patterns of feeling.

Emotionally}Vague - Orlagh O'Brien - "By gathering concepts of feeling by word, colour and line and creating visual languages for anger, joy, fear, sadness and love - a kind of democratic visual language is created - a backwards-brand.


The Beginning of Year Show Cox & Grusenmeyer and other students from Werkplaats Typografie (Amsterdam, source: Cox&Grusenmeyer

內頁設計 - Google 搜尋

“The Laus Book is presented to the public during the Nit Laus. More than a mere annual publication, this book gives a measure of national creativity.” Via: Laus

Graphic Inspiration #1: Memory Boxcredit: http://designbby.com/post/101429706751

exhibition invitation - We hope to dance in a cube box as the audience arrive, because a lot of the work for is based on quotes by artists I think having the quotes on the cube will give the audience a clearer feel of the stimulus for the performance