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"If you would only switch on the light of awareness and observe yourself and everything around you throughout the day, if you would see yourself reflected in the mirror of awareness the way you see your face reflected in a looking glass, that is, accurately, clearly, exactly as it is without the slightest distortion or addition, and if you observed this reflection without any judgment or condemnation, you would experience all sorts of marvelous changes coming about in you. Only you will not…

Maxi the Giraffe Gazing at Reflection in Mirror, 1980 Photographic Print


Extremely talented and passionate nature photographer Marsel Van Oosten speaks on his photography stints, Journey as a photographer and some valuable lesso

Giraffe King 8x10 hand painted print by poordogfarm on Etsy, $25.00

Giraffe King 8x10 hand painted print

Great Dane Brewing Co San Francisco

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12 White Rooms That Are Totally Glorious

I will totally make one of these, but I have to think of an outfit and pose for the drawing.

photobooth for cats It's difficult to smile and say 'birdie' in this thing!

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Embellished Antique Foliage IV Giclee Print by Pierre-Joseph Buchoz at Art.co.uk

Embellished Antique Foliage IV Giclee Print by Pierre-Joseph Buchoz at Art.co.uk


Adorable photo of a Baby Giraffe Quick Facts about Giraffes The average gestation period (time in womb) for giraffe is approximately 15 months days). A baby Giraffe is called a Calf. The average weight of a newborn Giraffe is about 220 lbs.


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New baby giraffe at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

The zoo Tampa Bay, "Busch Gardens" got a giraffe calf, born on January Photos of baby and its mother are simply adorable and love, I love her.