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22 Tumblr Posts About Sirius And Lupin Being Gay That Are Hilarious

22 Tumblr Posts About The Best Goddamn Couple In "Harry Potter"

The Marauders and McGonagall

MERLINS EARS ARE BURNING (points if you get the fanfic reference if not, read Tightly Knit(Fred Weasly) on wattpad bcuz it is AMAZING and it has more sequels pouring in every week!

James + Sirius dead xD

I like it but I know that James and Lily were always watching all of their friends(including Peter) and Harry. Imagine James watching how Sirius died and now, like the great friend he is, he wont let it go :-D

I love Teddy and I love this. They're probably up there busting their guys because Teddy is not at all bookish and rule abiding like his father. <<But was Remus bookish and rule abiding???

So, Remus pretty much produced a James-Sirius combo for a child. Full of himself, spunky, ridiculously high self esteem, and no fucks given about what others think of him.<<<hell yeah he did

I like this headcannon! I always assumed that the order was decided based on proclivity for mischief, Moony being the least likely and Prongs being the most likely.

I like the second part, but they say in the book that Wormtail needed a lot of help from Padfoot and Prongs. So I guess he could have been second, but I feel like James and Sirius would have been first, and then completely focused on Peter.

this seems true though... even though i don't think Remus would say anything too bad.

this seems true though. even though i don't think Remus would say anything too bad.