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New Gypsy photo Lisa Kala

Evelyne Politanoff: Iain McKell: The New Gypsies, a Different Way of Life, Simplicity and Freedom.

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EC: Battleground Secondary Character: Marcos-Ivor is the melding of the demon with his human host, now an empty shell he wears like clothes. I image Ivor looks something like [The "STEREOTYPICAL" Gypsy], clean shaven, tall, and strong.

Kalderari Roma 1980s

Kelderari The Kalderari or Kalderash is a group of Vlax Romani-speaking people in Europe. Many of these groups live in the Ukraine and Moldova. They are regarded as a tribe within the Roma.

English Romany couple, 1936. [SOURCE: The University of Liverpool/Research Intelligence]

English Romany couple, [SOURCE: The University of Liverpool/Research Intelligence]

Romanian Gipsies

A union for nomads

A union for nomads. Romani are institutionally discriminated– but is a European renaissance for nomadic peoples possible?

In Gypsies, Cariou investigates the daily lives of the Romany, from the bling-lovers of Western Europe to the original gypsies of India. Legal issues aside, it’s easy to see how Cariou’s pictures reflect a universal appeal

From "Gypsies" by Patrick Cariou, published by powerHouse Books

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Kalbeliya Gypsy people are known as the snake charmer caste. The women are skilled dancers and are accompanied by men playing percussion and wind instruments. The Kalbeliya were once hired to entertain great kings and maharajahs.

Four Gypsy children pose for a photograph [probably in the town of Rivesaltes

Four Romani children pose for a photograph [probably in the town of Rivesaltes