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This is my new goal while traveling!

My new goal while traveling.- Getting a funny pic with a statue- {Bucket List}

Examples of how legends of the Messiah were retold so often since the time of Adam that they ended up in many other religions.

Item RELIGION RESEARCH! It's always interesting to study the parallels between different religions. After all, it was always easier to make people convert to your religion if the lines between were slightly blurred.

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Distrust of the Bible

A thorough reading of the Bible is the BEST way to understand that men created the horrible IDEA OF GOD.

Do you feel insulted by the suggestion we need instruction to be moral?

"It is an insult to humanity to say our morality is completely dependent on someone else giving us a list of dos and don'ts, an insult to say.that we have no independent ability to see what is good and what is just.

Sinai Bible: http://www.vatileaks.com/  Mormon no more. LDS no more. Quotes. Scripture study.

This change was actually a political decision made in when Charlemagne decided to make Christianity the official religion of Europe to help consolidate his rule.

Devastating Arguments Against Christianity (Courtesy of the Internet) - fascinating.

Devastating Arguments Against Christianity (Courtesy of the Internet) - fascinating.

The world needs some help....

The world needs some help.