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SHE THINKS SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW: The smoking gun that buries Hillary? ----------------------------------------------  This 2011 email exchange shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telling Deputy Chief of Staff Jacob Sullivan, who’s having trouble faxing top secret information to her (because, well, gee, faxing top secret information is not f***ing allowed, ya know?), to remove the top secret headings and send the info by email… to her little email server in a broom closet in New York.

Whoa: Hillary e-mail instructs aide to transmit classified data without markings - Hot Air

Even though this video is on the YouTube channel of Stand with Hillary, an independent political action committee endorsing you-know-who for the 2016 presidential nomination, we fully expect to find out, after the fact, that it is satire. It's that ill-conceived.

“Stand With Hillary” … As She Stood With Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods & Sean Smith

She should be held accountable just like EVERYONE else-the crimes and the CORRUPT COVERUP by the doj, FBI and obaba lets Americans know our system is rigged

You'd have to put obama, george soros & the whole Democratic party, of the Rino's and Antifa, and BLM in prison first.

Proof that our system is broken

And Trump, who benefited from the crooked practice that is imminent domain, has the gall to call her crooked. They both stunk.