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#dlanastolatków Dla nastolatków #amreading #books #wattpad

#dlanastolatków Dla nastolatków #amreading #books #wattpad

That feeling of losing someone.. it's hard to explain with words. So you have it here with drawings.

this is so sad Proof that appearances are not what they seem, now.if you excuse me *curls up in beds and starts to cry*

In a corridor with doors that go nowhere, full of shades that yearn for my death. That's where I am. It's where I've always been. You're screaming for me to get out of your head, but you can't see...you're in mine.

With his father gone, and his mother burning in tongues of fire, Kotetsu gave in to the one thing that has always urged for control: Darkness


It’s so strange how other peoples opinion can change yours completely. They can make you feel like utter shit, but no matter how hard you try, you believe them.

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I'm crying :'( They just made another creepypasta thing out of a song. I think I'm in love with these<<<< Ok, I get that this supposed to be sad, but Jeff looks freaking adorable and don't you try to tell me different.

Love that song

Well mother watch what war did to my legs and to my thoung You should have raised a baby girl, I should have been a better son (Creepy Pasta)