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Napa, Ca

Napa, Ca

MY GABEY WABEY ISNT DEAD?!?!?? OH SWEET CASTIEL! HALLELUJAH!! <-- PRAISE WHOEVER'S UP THERE RIGHT NOW GABRIEL IS CURRENTLY LIVING!!!!! But know that if you're lying to me, I WILL skin you and make you into shoes.

It was all sweet and only mildly disturbing until the last picture.thank you Moriarty you are the reason I sprayed a mouthful of tea over my laptop. Gabriel lives but my Mac may not.

"Why I ship destiel" Maybe I've pinned this before and maybe I haven't? But it needs to be on this board.

Why I ship destiel (Dean and Cas from Supernatural)<<Woah <- this in depth analysis deserves an applause and A+ omg it's better analyzed than my lit exam

I will find this someday—someone who truly loves me and stays because they do.

I will find this someday—someone who truly loves me and stays because they do.


howelliterally: “ jillyfishmcbacon: “ weyrwomanofbenden: “ quercusrubra: “ More of baby Cas and his big brother, Gabriel. ” That is just too adorable.Cas is such a cute fledgling! ” THE TOY IMPALA.

CAS Colours & Sketches #225

CAS Colours & Sketches #225 (Rapport från ett skrivbord)

Dean + Castiel: If there really was a god here he'd have raised a hand by now. #spn

How does Cas and all of the other angels not have abandonment issues? Well, I guess some do actually

6.20 The Man Who Would Be King "Everything he sacrificed...and I was about to ask him for more."

OW MY DESTIEL FEELS. I don't totally ship them. I just ship happiness, whether Dean falls for Cas and vice versa or if Dean gets with Lisa. I'd be happy with either.

Yona as a tattoo artist and Hak as a florist

Benjamin would be the flower shop and Shane would be the tattoo shop I passed a flower shop next to a tattoo shop and at first I laughed because I thought it was ironic but then I freaked because IMAGINE YOUR OTP IN A FLORIST/TATTOO ARTIST AU

If you are vintage style maniac, than we have something interesting for you. We found awesome vintage sinks that will inspire you to have one at home. Just

25 Amazing Vintage Sink Designs

Paired with zesty potato wedges, this easy beer-battered cod recipe has us longing for summer. Fish and chips, anyone?

Always Keep Fighting, Castiel's nicknames

They forgot "Baby In A Trench Coat" Castiel's nicknames<<< So I'm getting a kitten soon and naming it Catstiel. These are the nicknames I will be calling it. (Mainly Cas but there are some other awesome ones here)

Its the truth!!!!!!

Brunettes and Blondes< do ten and rose count? <<< Helena and Sarah <<<<< Carlos and Cecil <<Thor and Loki <<< Percy and Annabeth<<<YES. Percy and Annabeth! She was blonde in the book and I think Tumnus was brunette.

So much more painful because Misha was homeless at one point...

Found on

Reminder that Misha and his family was homeless for most of his childhood <-----WHY MUST YOU REMIND ME! Now I'm even sadder because the part of when he was homeless must remind him of when he was a kid.