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Handsome cab

Handsome cab

Amphibian elephant

The ancient century, the essence of the original monopoly monster original painting appreciation _CG works _.

18 Animal Mashups

18 Animal Mashups

Freaky and Bizarre Animal Mashups by Human Descent - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

A tribute to my Bearded Dragons.

A little tribute to two of my pet lizards.

Top 100 Unique Ideas in August - From Octopus Coffee Stands to Root Vegetable Ice Creams (TOPLIST)

Top 100 Unique Ideas in August

Squirrel Hybrid Animals Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

Did something get crossed in the breeding?

awww baby cow how sweet. How could eat something that is so darn cute? All Animals have the will to live and feel fear and pain. Have a heart and choose not to eat animals :)


This mysterious creature has been popping up around the world, leaving the scientific community puzzled. Does it make you want to squeeze it cuz its so cute, or chop its head off? - Dird: The New Creature Puzzling Scientists Everywhere

Shrunken Heads by BlackSnowComics

Shrunken Heads by BlackSnowComics

Octopus Elephant.

Best Ever: Animals Morphed With Other Animals (Hybrids, y’all)

Flying Yorkie

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