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Fasting or a West Hollywood juice cleanse is an ancient practice that is common among religious practices.

Shed that annoying stubborn weight with this West Hollywood juice cleanse before you go on your awesome summer vacation.

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Thinking about doing a juice cleanse for an instant detox? Finding out what to expect is your first step. Temporary highs, stale breath, and 25 other effects from a juice cleanse.

My belly is flat in only 10 days.. this is the most effective detox drink I've had so far !

DIY: Detox Water to Shrink Your Belly in 10 Days -

DETOX drink to shrink belly in only 10 days. this is the most effective detox drink I tried so far !

Izo Cleanse

The Best Juice Cleanses

This West Hollywood juice cleanse has been one of the best cleanses available in the Hollywood area due to their delicious taste, variety, and number of juices. This allows cleansers to feel satisfied throughout their cleanse.

Our West Hollywood juice cleanse may include this green machine to help keep your body lean and clean!

water 1 apple, cored, quartered 1 cup frozen mangos 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 handful frozen or fresh seedless grapes 1 stevia packet (add more to sweeten, if necessary) 2 tablespoons ground flaxseeds OPTIONAL: 1 scoop of protein powder

What flavor do you want? Here in West Hollywood, we have the juice for you!

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Visit West Hollywood, and let us pour you a drink!

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Smoothie Romaine Cilantro Avocado Watermelon Nectarine Strawberry Chia Lime Juice Recipe by DOTSLADY via @SparkPeople

Smoothie Romaine Cilantro Avocado Watermelon Nectarine Strawberry Chia Lime Juice

Smoothies recipes are a tasty and healthy meal, snack or dessert. Click this way for free, easy recipes to satisfy every body!