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Awkward situations you never want to be in omg love the picking cotton one

I swear to god someone do this for my graduation!!!

Funny pictures about Making The Graduation Ceremony More Pleasant. Oh, and cool pics about Making The Graduation Ceremony More Pleasant. Also, Making The Graduation Ceremony More Pleasant photos.

This Guy Is Known For Taking Crazy Drawing Requests. These are fantastic.:

This Guy Is Known For Taking Crazy Drawing Requests. He Delivers In The Most Amazing Ways Possible

Peter Pan's Letter to Edward Cullen  @Crystal Costantino

i love peter pan i love peter pan. i love peter pan. go die edward.

It takes 29 muscles to frown, but only 5 to reach back and smack someone...

Some people just need a high five In the face With a chair Made of steel Twice From Hulk!


It's awful I found this so funny! cinderella bitch be drunk as hell losin' losing shoes and shit

The princes <3 I love how they're so much more casual and fun than their older relatives. This is definitely a new age of royals. -E

I love the princes. I love Prince Harry openly teasing Prince William on his hair loss. I love William getting even by reminding Harry that he's a ginger.

My childbirth class instructor said that childbirth is comparable to holding ice in your hand too long. And she really expected us to believe that.

Daily Morning Awesomeness (26 Photos)

haha I know the feeling! Someone said "Let's do a 600 butterfly" He was never seen on the team again. Jk

Before Chuck Norris goes to bed. yes, FINALLY a joke I can get along with! :) i HATE chuck norris jokes and i think Liam Neeson is WAY more BA :)

Being a girl... So true.

Being a girl. Why being a girl isn' t working out for me: Eit: rder. Oh. guess what time the month ls! Me: 'sitars, gott - Ovaries: ALL SYSTEMS Brain: I quit. Girl being