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Dear God, Please keep my family, friends and loved ones safe. Please watch over them always and let good health, happiness and good fortune befall them.

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Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says "Go" - a leader says "Let's go"! And that one thing makes all the difference in how employees work!

Wouldn't life be perfect if people stopped generalizing and being do dramatic? I like Mondays, sexy is in the eye of the beholder, people should be more worried about being unhealthy than thin, anyone can cause drama, anyone can be confusing, and I don't know about you, but when I say goodbye to someone that I work with at the end of the workday, I'm pretty sure I'm going to see them tomorrow.

wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, mondays were fun, junk food didn't cause so much drama, guys weren't so confusing, and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow.

This is so true!!!! With that said....I believe Chetek schools do allow student bible studies to meet on the property, they still have the meet me at the pole event, and pastors were allowed in to councel distraught students after a classmate's suicide. You can say a lot of things about Chetek schools, but in my book, I believe they are better than a lot of other schools!

Dear God, why do you allow so much violence in our schools? signed, a concerned student. Dear concened student, I am not allowed in schools. Via Johnson Doiron. Sad that things have come to this.

Reminder... just in case I forget to praise Him in the storm but aside from that I feel like I alwayd love the life He gave me <3 #Blessed

"Dear God, Thank you for this beautiful life and please, forgive me, if I don't love it enough." Pray, be grateful and thankful of all you have and have had. Every experience is lesson have faith!

Beautiful prayer

Prayer Of The Day – Comfort For Couples Separated --- Dear Lord, Help families…

Good morning prayer #prayer #Baduday

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