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poor ron, i laughed so hard!

My submission for this year's H/D Career Fair on LJ

Oh my god, I'm terribly sorry. I just had this weird idea and needed to draw it but it turned out a little crappy. SS: The Sorting Hat

Fred, George, Ginny, Seamus, and Ron                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Fred, George, Ginny, Seamus, and Ron this picture is so cute (Harry Potter)

You have your mother's eyes. #harrypotter #lilypotter #humor

Holy cow I'm laughing so hard help


Harry trying to strangle Hermione while she giggles and Ron looks so unamused.


one of my fav hp moments

The boy who lied!

I adore Harry Potter humor


Happy birthday Fred and George! In honor of their birthday, here at 28 Reasons Fred And George Are The Best Characters In The Harry Potter Series

I have pinned this before but I cannot resist repinning it

Harry Potter World on

babbling bumbling band of baboons!babbling bumbling band of baboons !babbling bumbling band of baboons !babbling bumbling band of baboons !babbling bumbling band of baboons !

:( Poor Harry. HA!

haha I love Rupert for wearing this shirt. thats funny all by itself. I'm laughing too much for no reason.

awe.... ron is so cute...

prisoner of azkaban. possibly the best hair he ever had in a movie :) Everyone had beautiful hair in the and course they all have great hair anyway) but those two movies are hands down the best hair movies!

i will never like or respect joan's view on draco. not only does she demonise a young, abused, and manipulated boy, she calls those who sympathies delusional. he is harry's mirror character, she made him redeemable. the fact that she is blind to such a notion will always confuse me. how awful must it be, to be loathed by your creator so heavily?

I feel like Tom really understands his character so much, which had made it easier for him to portray it so well.

Order of the Phoenix BTS Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) and Matthew Lewis (Neville)

Awe, the feels!

A tiny ball of light right here through my heart and I knew it would take me where I needed to go

Before Draco gets sent to Azkaban he asks to see Hermione

Draco asks to see Hermione one last time before going to Azkaban. This is not actually happen (draco didn't go to azkaban), but this pic broke my heart.

harry potter - ron weasley

harry potter - ron weasley, he looks really hot here x