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Love it!  Wonder if I could do this with the nail polish brush instead of a paintbrush.

It’s a girl thing (28 photos)

Art Deco Inspired Nails by The Beauty Department. I'd love to do these, except I'd sub my favorite red for the mocha color.

Best Way To Cheat On A Test Wish I Had Thought Of This - NoWayGirl

Conveniently, I suddenly no longer allow bottles drinks in the classroom during testing!

nail art fascinates me.

hHolidays are always a great excuse to get creative. here is a of july inspired manicure. use stick-on nail polishes in blue and white nautical stripes. then add one simple solid red nail to each hand or tiny little hearts!

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and why am I tempted to show my grader this awesome idea, then tell him he better NEVER cheat on a test?

More nail stuff...  Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper, it transfers the designs onto your nails! ... I think if you could do a cool nail thing and make the lipgloss one day the girls would love it, Sandi! its a good bonding activity. you could have them bring in their own nailpolish and use newspaper or try water marbling. ive done both of these and they work pretty good!

Rubbing alcohol and scrapbook paper; it transfers the designs onto your nails! I've done this with newspaper, but I never thought to do it with scrap booking paper! And it also works with vodka, if you don't have rubbing alcohol.

And this visionary who has found a foolproof response to any "true or false" question.

Answering a True/False question like a boss. Makes me want to go to school just to do this to a teacher.