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i live in florida but im a mix of kentucky/new mexico/wyoming

The 50 States of America if they were actually high school kids. "Utah doesn't go to school. Utah is home schooled" xD is nobody gonna talk about Puerto Rico doe?

Here's what happens when you mess with customer service... by amparo

Here's what happens when you mess with customer service. Lol I want to encounter awesome customer service like that.

Oh, she forgot one thing. It smells like a dead person is rotting inside of you and the amount of perfumes and body mists able to cover that odor will never exist. Give this story to people that say periods are never as bad as it comes off that they are.

The most accurate definition of periods EVER. Every guy should be forced to read this, to understand a girl's pain. This girl deserves an award.


Hahahahaha xD this person got a random number and texted it OMG PRICELESS

It’s Like Your Body Is A Potato- Funny and Hilarious - #funnypics #funny #lol

Astronauts describe what it feels like to be in space *Narrows eyes at Barry Wilmore*


Meme Watch: Pun Dog Isn't Fat, He's Just A Little Husky

You just got...........?

I can't even breathe right now. I thought I was reading something important, then. I can't. Read the whole thing. It's totally worth it.