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More Than Human by Tim Flach

British photographer Tim Flach created a series called "More Than Human," which captures the emotions of wild creatures through intensely close shots, including this stunning picture of a tiger drying off.

My GOD's not dead,   He's surely ALIVE,  He's Living on the inside,  Roaring like a Lion.

Wildlife photographer Chris Weston snapped amazing pictures of a pride of lions in Zimbabwe by using a remote camera fixed to a tree which captured them in off-guard moments.

Veloci-chicken by Tim Flach, of the UK, his latest project is photoing animals in a project called "more than human."

Almost human: Photographer's intimate studio portraits that show wild creatures making unnervingly similar gestures to us

More than Human: Animal Portraits by Tim Flach Israeli featherless chicken

White Tiger diving for food...not sure how they got this shot but pretty awesome

A white tiger going after a piece of meat underwater - Photography by Eldad Hagar !

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A bat looks almost shy as it covers its face from the camera ~ Photo by Tim Flach via Daily Mail. This has to be upside down, doesn't it? Amazing shot.

A fruit bat photo-- turned upsidedown! From the book, “More Than Human" by photographer Tim Flach.


I love the strong emotions in this picture. Typically the lioness is the one in charge, the one who hunts and takes care of the babies but here she surrenders, gives up her power momentarily to engage to the lion's sweet play.