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for the dreams i want to catch

tbhstudying: “i was too lazy to write out notes today ”

for the dreams i want to catch

for the dreams i want to catch

studyquill: “ days of productivity - oct 24 to 2016

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If my handwriting looked like this, I’d never stop writing. | Community Post: 18 Gorgeous Study Notes That Should Be Framed As Art

If my handwriting looked like this, I'd never stop writing.

milkystudies: a bag of chips, a cup of milk and almost 10 hours later, I’ve finished my notes for my ancient exam and I’m feeling so brain dead —

thanks for complimenting my handwriting!sometimes i take nice notes (I USE…

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sushi-studies: “ Handwritten with the iPad Pro and my trusty apple pencil 📚✨ ”

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cielstudies: i made some biochemistry flashcards for carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism!

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Some of my past bio study guides for the AP. days of productivity}

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2016 // quick update on this week’s notes! All taken from my studygram {ig: getstudyblrs} ” “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.

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Non fatal offences against the person law teacher essays Non fatal offences reform essay. Law Reform Essay Write a critical analysis of the current law of the non fatal offences against the person act.

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