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Putin Says - i am the only man between global genocide and capitalist enslavement.

i am the only man between global genocide and capitalist enslavement. - Putin Says

Yeah, I feel like that too sometimes, especially the bookstore part.

Watch humans but not be one of them - INFP This is me on my introverted days

Wow, it's not like I haven't seen this before on a high school English paper..

Does it REALLY take that much longer to use proper grammar? Can you tell that I HATE text language.

Strength Quotes : Funny!

Strength Quotes : Funny!

Freaks, Onions, and Paradoxes: Life as an INTJ Female - Living Unabridged

Normally I can get by without getting introvert time for a while. But, when I’m stressed I need more and find people extravert’ing at me to be more stressful

I'm an INFJ. I make things. I love people. I also have many feelings. You'll find some of my thoughts here. I'm going until the thoughts empty out of my.

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I once heard the way to tell if you were intro/extro was after a long, hard day if you wanted to curl up inside with a book and a meal, or call up some friends to go out with.

Funny pictures about Extrovert vs. Oh, and cool pics about Extrovert vs. Also, Extrovert vs.

They do the right thing no matter how much it may cost them

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Her sass always shows through.

20 Quotes That Prove Scorpio Women Are The Queens Of Sass

Sassy quotes that prove Scorpio women are the most intense of all the Zodiac signs. Look to astrology to find out why someone with a Scorpio horoscope is so snappy.