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SUEÑOS DE AMOR Y MAGIA: Piensa menos, siente mas

SUEÑOS DE AMOR Y MAGIA: Piensa menos, siente mas

Messy Nessy Chic | lot's of ads but some interesting articles like the one on the guy who makes vintage looking neon signs.  Also articles on indie bookstores. Take a look at again

Reviving the Studio 54 of Paris: Fame & Debauchery in a Bathhouse turned Nightclub

That's the definition real man!!! I can finance myself! But a little gift of bling now & again doesn't hurt

Be with someone who will take care of you. Not materialistically, but take care of your soul, your wellbeing, your heart,everything that is you.


Real Men Are Kind To Animals

The cat's face says it all. Boise firefighter Dana Brown rescues a cat from an apartment fire, then tenderly uses a SurgiVet mask to revive it. We love firemen like Dana Brown.

It's all about the little things, the gestures, the rituals that develop between a man and woman/husband and wife.  Like knowing just how she likes her coffee in the morning. The secrets that only you share that says...this is our life, our bond, our refuge against the rest of this world. Suddenly you feel yourself smiling because you know your heart is safe.  R

The love we share. so many ways to be romantic and I want to spend the rest of my life being everything you desire and deserve! I love you baby! I love you too Tasha. And I love our romance. It is so easy to love you Baby

my daddy use to make these for me almost every morning when was a little girl :) Country omelets, yummy!

Country Garden Omelet

These personal reference rings are such an awesome tool to help young learners as they work independently.   One teacher writes, "This product is sure to inspire our children to take more responsibility for their own education and at the same time provide the scaffolding they need to meet academic challenges." $

Personal Reference Rings {Mini Anchor Charts}

These personal reference rings are such an awesome tool to help young learners as they work independently or collaboratively.

Game of Thrones Characters Screen Times...I love that Hodor got the same amount of screen time as Theon lol

Tyrion Lannister Is The Real King Of "Game Of Thrones"

Funny pictures about How much airtime each actor got last season. Oh, and cool pics about How much airtime each actor got last season. Also, How much airtime each actor got last season.

Into the Wild -- A young man walks into the wilderness in search of himself.

Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild - the story of Christopher McCandless, starring Emile Hirsch. Director Sean Penn, Music by Eddie Vedder.

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight. You've been dieting and working out, but the weight isn't coming off? Maybe there is another reason. | via @SparkPeople

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight

8 Reasons Why You're Not Losing Weight. Is there a reason you are not losing weight? Read on for the cold, hard truth about your stalling weight loss.


Being Skinny Doesn't Mean Being Beautiful

Even though we mainly focus on Plus Size clothing, I would also promote loving yourself no matter what size you are. No matter how much or how little you weigh, and no matter what you wear or how old you are, you're beautiful. No matter what anyone says.

The Theory Of Everything - 4 Jan 15 Was a well done film, was a great film to…

The Theory Of Everything . Amazing performance from Eddie Redmayne. Forgot at times that I wasn't watching Stephen Hawking. Surely an Oscar winner.

Grisaille is an oil painting technique used by many old masters that can be adapted to watercolors. Here are a few ways to adapt the technique to watercolor painting.

Grisaille Watercolor Technique: Tutorial & Further Information

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