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tiphoon - http://yourvibration.com/pix/506/

Guillermo formed on August 12 southwest of the southern tip of Baja California over the Pacific Ocean (Blue). Poster Print x

California Wildfires

15 surreal images captured by a photographer who chases wildfires

So sick of all these fires! Prayers for everyone affected by all the fires going on! Going out to help evac animals again for the Bluecut Fire heading west at the moment and we are West. Grew 3000 acres in 45 min so it's at 5500 now.

Tajfun Soudelor nad západním Pacifikem na snímku družice NASA ze 4. srpna

Satellite Spies Super Typhoon Soudelor from Space (Photo)

One thing I remember most about Guam is sitting on the beach and watching storm systems way across the ocean, nowhere near me.

My favorite place to run on the island - War in the Pacific Beach Park, Asan, Guam


Hawaii Volcano, Vans, Lightning Strikes, Volcanoes, Hawaiian, Buns, Volcano

The eye of the storm

The eye of the storm

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Hurricane Katrina A Problem-Based Learning Module

Hurricane Katrina A Problem-Based Learning Module

We aren't in Kansas anymore.... #Tornadoes #LDSEmergencyResources

We aren't in Kansas anymore. ~~~~~~~ Sorry, pal; got NEWS for ya'! This means you ARE in Kansas.