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The last one though lol

Classic Burns 24

Classic Burns 24 by vlade - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

(untitled) #funny

Funny pictures about Driving In Bulgaria. Oh, and cool pics about Driving In Bulgaria. Also, Driving In Bulgaria photos.

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Epic Advertising fails (funny, hilarious, bad placement, you had one job, fail)

Classic Burns #102

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Classic Burns on 6 you'll have the entire superwholock fandom chasing your arse


Vadering instead of planking or coning or whatever owling is. I love that this is a thing.

what /// do you ever have trouble telling a just shower thoughts post from a real shower thoughts post

OMG I GOT A STORY so I was in and my friend decided to sit on my foot and I screamed really loud and the whole gym could hear bc it got really quiet so long story short I am a trash bin?