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アニメ Anime Boy

Literally love it when anime boys smile like that. Makes them look so cute and :O

hotarubi mori e

Gin - Hotarubi no Mori e Knew he was gonna be hot from the moment I heard his voice - Now on my "to watch" list. Because I need more attractive fictional characters to be attracted to.


Seeing a guy stare at something with distant eyes is an eye-catching experience.

Day 3: who would you date? Iggy! >\\\<

APH England (Arthur Kirkland) looking like a bad boy with those pants and belt

Anime guy reference | playing with cat

Oh my goodness! I want a character like him in the book. Like this guy that is really sweet and kind of naive and just loves cats to death! <---- but all the cats hate him :P


is he a vampire? no if I'm not mistaken that is Ciel/Royal Guard from elsword, an mmorpg game.

I hope someone knows what anime this is

And she would sit in a corner, hugging herself ,hoping the voices would stop.