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Cherish every moment, their smell and the way they lay their heads on your shoulders. My goal is to raise my children to know even at 20 if they need to lay down with mom they can.

You were always special and precious.....I look forward to the day we are together again.

Primitives by Kathy Box Sign, You are Loved for the little girl you were, for the special woman you are, and the precious daughter you will always be Love, mom

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You my child can choose to be anything you want! I hope you choose to be kind, honest, sincere, strong, loving and always true to yourself.

And anything they don't feel comfortable talking to you about is a cause for concern....

And anything they don't feel comfortable talking to you about is a cause for concern.

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10 Best Mother And Son Quotes

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They were born independent. Oh mercy, such strong, wonderful children!

Truth parents-why are you doing everything? Teach your kids to help! Yesterday my kids cleaned all the kitchen appliances, helped me clean the fridge, washed the windows in the living room, did a load of laundry and cleaned all 3 bathrooms!

God blessed me with all my children and I will be forever thankful. I promise to raise them to love God and always protect and care for them, no matter what!

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I'll be there my precious one! Something I want my daughter & my sons to always feel & know, that I'm there for them no matter what. That I'll do everything I can to support them, their individuality, their dreams. If they don't call me, I'll call them!

Glory days is linda b

I would die for you my baby love. I'll never let anything happen to you my baby. Motherhood changed my life only for the better. I promise you as your mommy that I'll never give up on you.