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Mario Quintana. Frases.

The secret is not running behind the butterflies, it's to look after the garden so they come towards you Mario Quintana

Murales infantiles personalizables, diseños exclusivos, efecto pintado a mano, añade el nombre deseado, packs textil a juego disponibles, Made in Spain

"We all have our scars from loving someone too deeply. From wanting to protect someone too much." ▼ Mei Tachibana, "Say I Love You "

Dirty Harry - Los cientificos dicen que estamos hechos de atomos pero a mi un pajarito me conto que estamos hechos de historias 02

Moon dreamer and nature lover dressed in black. Horror movies, books and music. Sometimes I talk about ads and digital marketing


Y justo cuando la Oruga pensó que era su final, se transformó en Mariposa. And just when the caterpillar thought it was her end, she transformed into a butterfly.